Way, way in the distance of the photos above are a bunch of people. And among those people you might notice a few conspicuously dressed individuals. Any idea who they are? Captain America, of course, with his good pal Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier. And Hawkeye is among those in attendance as well. It’s a party.

Just what are they doing at the airport? Trying to catch a last minute flight out of town? Or maybe trying to stop an evil doer (Zemo?) from going through with his plan? We won’t know until Civil War is out. This we do know: they look pretty silly just fiddling around on a runway.

What’s significant about the photos is not necessarily their content, but this week is apparently the last day of principal photography, which means we might not see much of Cap and his buddies until the official trailer for Civil War is released.

At D23 this past weekend, Disney unleashed the first footage from the film, though nothing has popped up online just yet. Whatever you’ve seen on YouTube is fake; Disney had incredibly tight security at D23—complete with nightvision!—so there’s very little chance someone managed to get shaky cam footage of the presentation.

Still no sign of Spider-Man, and we’ve only seen the same handful of characters on set, which means much of what’s going on is still out of the public eye. Where’s Vision? Where’s Ant-Man? Where’s Black Panther? Oh, just jumping off of buildings like it’s no big deal.

Captain America: Civil War is set for a May 6, 2016 release.