Civil War Spider-Man Fan Poster

Update: And here is the trailer, which gives us our first look at Spider-Man in action.

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood web slinger may be a huge part of today’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War trailer.

The folks at Latino-Review have “been told” that the trailer heavily features Spider-Man. That makes sense, of course. The Civil War story is all about Marvel’s heroes facing off, those behind Iron Man and those behind Captain America. Spider-Man has always figured into this battle.

Redditor thecayco made the fan poster you see at the head of this post. It’s pretty slick, and I’m hoping the actual film uses something similar when the time comes.

What are you hoping to see when it comes to Spidey’s debut? If this rumor is to be believed, we’ll get a great look of him in Captain America: Civil War today once the new trailer drops. Stay tuned.