Sometimes all it takes in an innocuous set photo to get folks in a frenzy. The image you see above, from ongoing production of Captain America: Civil War, might not look like much to the average passerby; there’s a lot of destruction outside of what looks to be some kind of secure headquarters. Nothing special. But look closer. Look even closer than that.

Emblazoned on the wall are the words “Institute for Infectious Diseases.” No, that doesn’t indicate some sort of zombie outbreak is imminent. But it could indicate a major plot point of Captain America: Civil War.

We don’t have any formal confirmation of how the I.F.I.D. factors into Civil War’s story, so all of this is pure speculation. But it could have some indication as to what role Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) will be up to in the story. While the two sides of superheroes are quarreling over the Superhero Registration Act, perhaps Zemo will use something inside the I.F.I.D. to wreak havoc on the world.

And, wouldn’t you know, this I.F.I.D. location just so happens to be located in Africa (check out the sign), which is where Black Panther is from. We already know Black Panther will make his debut in Civil War, so that’s not new. But the image could reveal why Black Panther gets involved in the first place.

We have yet to see any set photos of Black Panther, but if we’re in his backyard, they should show up sooner rather than later.