Not long ago, a rumor from That Hashtag Show popped up claiming to reveal a huge death in Captain America: Civil War. Now the show is back again claiming to reveal another potential death, along with information about Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. This latest rumor could lend more credence to an earlier report that said Marvel would be shuffling the current lineup of Avengers in favor of a newer team.

As always, this post will be laced with spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

Last month, a report popped up claiming there would be two major deaths in Civil War: Peggy Carter and Captain America himself, Steve Rogers. However, That Hashtag Show now claims there’s actually going to be a third death. According to the show’s sources, Scarlet Witch, whose brother died in Age of Ultron, will meet her maker in Civil War, though it’s unclear how. The show speculates that when the two opposing sides (those in favor of The Sokovia Accords and those against it) come together to fight Baron Zemo, that’s when Scarlet Witch dies.

Following her death, Vision will apparently leave Earth, which could mean we’ll see him appear in Thor: Ragnarok, a movie that Marvel has already said will primarily take place in the far reaches of space.

In addition to the death of Scarlet Witch, That Hashtag Show says War Machine will be severely injured (as seen in the trailer), further dividing the two sides about mid-way through the film. Meanwhile, Marvel has allegedly filmed a scene featuring the death of Falcon, though the studio is said to have only done that as a means of mis-direction.

Rumors or not, Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo already warned fans should prepare to be shocked in the comings months and years, meaning the deaths we see in Civil War might only be the beginning.