Remember Me

Capcom is holding two fan participation contests for its slick new action game Remember Me. The premise of the game revolves around the female protagonist, Nilin, ripping memories from the minds of her victims and selling them as a commodity on the Neo-Paris black market.

Only, French developer Dontnod Entertainment doesn't have just any old fictional memories popping up in their cyber-punk world. Instead of developing their own, they are turning to the gaming community to provide them with their most personal and cherished memories to give the game a more realistic emotional foundation.

Sending Capcom a photograph of a memory could have the pic flash before Nilin's eyes while she performs an Overload attack, her brain piercing finishing move capping off a successful combo. Capcom will provide information on this contest in the near future.

Capcom is also running a contest through Facebook looking to gamers to create fake brand names for Neo-Paris' businesses. Categories include an alcoholic drink, fast food, a sporting event, a dating service and a children's toy company. Submit your ideas and check out more information here. The contest wraps up on November 29th.

Titling businesses and products has never been my forte. I can barely create my own headlines! As for memories though, my brain goes all the way back to the age of three with some pretty photographic recollections, plenty of which Capcom can use. Wonder if I would be a hot target placed high on memory hunter Nilan's hit list.

Remember Me is shaping up to be one of Capcom's more promising western developed games, and they've already stated they are looking to turn it into a new franchise. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in May 2013.

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