Onimusha 3

Capcom has an interesting new trademark that it has just filed, one which goes by the name of Onimusha. The fan-favorite action series was a huge hit during the PlayStation 2 era, but the dominance of Devil May Cry eventually shoved it into irrelevance.

The last time we saw a viable entry in the series was Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams for the PlayStation 2 in 2006, but most people are familiar with just the first three entries. I'm still partial to Onimusha 2 being the best.

We don't yet know what kind of game this will be, nor do we know if Capcom is even working on it at the moment since nothing has been confirmed. I would like to think that Capcom is working on a genuine revival for the "samurai meets Resident Evil" hack n' slasher. It has been doing a decent job re-establishing itself as a leader in Japanese action games over the last few years.

No longer relying on outsourcing and training its own homegrown staff, it has been using its older franchises to help train its next generation programmers and designers. Resident Evil remasters, spin-off titles, the occasional original game. Capcom's not operating on all fronts just yet, but it's been slowly climbing back into power. I think the timing would be right to take a gamble on an original game in a low-risk franchise.

Onimusha is something fans would be thrilled to see but won't hurt the company too much if it tanks. Seems like a sound solution to me, just as long as it's not a crummy mobile or browser-based, free-to-play abomination.

More information to come if Capcom makes it available.