Originally, Capcom was supposed to close out “Mega May” with just the dual releases of Mega Man Battle Network 4 on the Wii U Virtual Console. Don’t be alarmed if you are a fan, because this has happened, and both the Red Sun and Blue Moon versions are available now for $7.99 each.

However, the company has gone ahead and uploaded another game that it did not promise. Fans can also pick up Mega Man Zero 3 as well for $7.99.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide much commentary on these ones. I haven’t played Battle Network 4, nor do I really care to until I get around to Battle Network 3. As for Mega Man Zero 3, I definitely played and beat it when it first launched for the Game Boy Advance back in 2004. However, my mind is drawing total blanks, which is kind of rare when it comes to remembering a game I’ve played. I can’t remember a thing about it other than Zero’s special weapon this time around being a pair of tonfa.

I remember this because I compared him to Suikoden 2‘s protagonist back in the day.

My guess is that it is a solid game that just had a hard time standing out from the shadow of its predecessor. This happens to a lot of Mega Man games now that I think about it. Be sure to check it out, but do so after you play the first two games. This one has a reputation for being a bit easier, and it will be tough going back to the older, harder games.

All we await for now is the release of Mega Man Zero 4, and Capcom will have totally wrapped up porting the Game Boy Advance Mega Man games to Wii U Virtual console. After that, it has the DS library to focus on, but I never got into any of them. I think I turned off Mega Man ZX a few hours in.