Capcom is still working on a long-term plan to deal with rage quitters in Street Fighter V, but in the meantime, it has gotten some aid from fans who are more than happy to turn in the dirt on the worst offenders.

The company asked fans for help by recording footage of players committing the act, and it has responded by docking those players of their League Points and Ranks. It had this to say in response after a week of policing.

Starting last week, we penalized roughly 30 players in our system by docking their League Points. Players who log into their account and see that their LP and Rank has dropped significantly can consider this a warning. We will be continuing to monitor these accounts in the coming weeks and will take further action if needed.

Capcom is more than aware that it can’t catch everyone who quits a match out of frustration, and it also has to take into account that sometimes accidents happen. To cover for itself, it is currently only going after players with “an 80-90% disconnect rate.” Hopefully, the process will be more effective when it has a more official way of gathering proof against players.

Street Fighter V is available now for the PlayStation 4 and PC.