The biggest thing coming out of Capcom's Gamescom event today is the announcement of a new IP called Remember Me. The IP is a third-person action title coming to current consoles (Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows) in May 2013.

Remember Me takes place in Neo-Paris the year 2084 (hoping for a Robotron crossover) as a former memory hunter, an elite agent who has the ability to steal and alter a person's memories. Ironically, she herself had her memory wiped by a government that fears her.

Nilin has escaped and is now searching for her identity, using her Memory Remix ability and kickass martial arts to progress. The memory remix takes Nilin into a sort of disconnected, ethereal world. The memory transpires as Nilin and the player look on, before rewinding and presenting a number of options to affect the memory. Rather than directly interacting though, objects within the memory can be manipulated–similar to Ghost Trick, as I saw one commenter suggest.

The gameplay trailer doesn't include any combat, but the climbing seems to allow the same fluidity and freedom as Assassin's Creed.

It's surprising to see a publisher announcing a new IP for current consoles when announcements of new consoles seem so imminent, but with the release date less than a year away it's likely this has been in development for some time.

[via Andriasang]