After taking some heat for on-disc DLC following the release of Resident Evil 6 earlier this month, Capcom said that the content, an additional difficulty called No Hope, would be free to players. Capcom has announced additional changes that will accompany what they're calling a title update for the game, which is set to arrive mid-December.

Along with the 'No Hope' difficulty mode, Capcom will be making changes to the camera, subtitles and the unlockable Ada Wong campaign.

Mouse-over the image above to see the camera changes.

Though the press release from Capcom has the caveat that this feature may change before release, the main feature of the update seems to be an option camera change that will allow players to chose to pull the camera back for a greater field of view. Some players complained about Chris, Leon and company taking up too much screen space and interfering with the game, and this change will give players an option to alleviate it.

Ada Wong's campaign, which is locked until the other three campaigns are completed, will be unlocked from the start and allow for co-op as well. Subtitles have also been improved "so that English language audio can be combined with subtitles in an alternative language."

While these changes won't fix most of the issues we had with Resident Evil 6, the substantial update is a great bonus for those who enjoyed the game enough to keep playing it and give those who haven't picked it up yet a bonus campaign to play from the start, rather than having to wait.

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