The upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster might be the first large scale remake of a remake we’ve seen in video games. The game was officially announced earlier this month, and at Sony Japan’s pre-TGS 2014 press conference on Monday, we got our first look at the game in motion, with the trailer above.

Even this trailer is a remake in a way, picking some angles and lighting from the 2002 remake’s trailers.

As a long time fan of the series, I’m looking forward to playing this without having to dig my GameCube out from storage again, but if the trailer is any indication, this isn’t a total overhaul so much as it is a port with some modern features, such as a full 16:9 aspect ratio. The game looks as good as it did back then, but the character textures, for example, don’t do much to improve on the original remake’s. Textures are better than they were, but that seems to be more a matter of the resolution more than the textures themselves.

Finally, one interesting element for  us old school fans is that, in addition to recording a new Japanese voice track, a new English voice track will be included as well. No word yet on whether we’ll see some series regulars returning to voice their characters or if it’s an all new cast. Either way, I hope they’ll include the original voice track so that we can all remember who the true master of unlocking is.