Not many Japanese companies are high sailing the way Capcom is these days. The Osaka-based publisher has just reported a huge 290% jump in profits, or 1.32 billion yen, when compared to the Q1 of last year. Capcom suggests the income comes from the unexpected sales of their open world RPG Dragon's Dogma, which shipped over a million units worldwide not too long after it launched back in May.

While the Japanese domestic market "exceeded expectations," Capcom still claims their sales for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games "struggled abroad." Despite that, Dragon's Dogma proved profitable enough to continue on, and "the stage is being set" for the sequel to jump into production.

In light of the success of his game, director Hideaki Itsuno was more than happy to fire out a few hints at Famitsu. He claims Dragon's Dogma only covered about roughly 60% to 70% of his original ideas, and that the size of the game only reached 2/3rds of what he had originally intended. Also excluded was the ability for gamers to create their own quests and share them across the servers, an idea fitting for the game's indirect approach to multiplayer.

After all his hard work directing all of the Devil May Cry sequels and Dragon's Dogma, Itsuno has become one of Capcom's rising stars over the last decade and an integral part in the company's attempt to restructure after losing much of their talent to Platinum Games. Pay the man and give him all the resources he needs to make the sequel!

Dragon's Dogma is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. DLC is in development and on the way.

[via CVG]