All hail digital distribution, right? No? Guys?

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective made the jump from the Nintendo 3DS to iOS a while back. Then it was pulled. Capcom issued an update that actually broke the game, and that forced them to remove it from the App Store.

However, folks who already purchased the game had it in their histories and could download it whenever they wanted. The problem? You’d only be able to play the first chapter. The rest of the game unlocked through in-app purchases, and those were removed from the App Store along with the main title.

Now? Capcom has gone and removed Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective from purchase histories altogether. Forget trying to solve your own murder, you’ll be wondering if you even actually ever bought the game.

This is a huge problem for folks who actually purchased the game outright. If they try to play the title past the first chapter, even if they have it installed, they’ll still hit the wall. If they remove it from their devices, it’s gone forever. Refunds? Probably not.

This whole “games as a service” thing is pretty bogus.