Street Fighter IV El Fuerte

Street Fighter IV is one of the best and most endearing fighting games of all time, but as it goes with most games that last for over six years, I'm ready for something new. Luckily, Capcom is as well.

Speaking to the press at E3 this week, Capcom president and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto confirmed that Street Fighter V was in the early stages of planning and is something that the Osaka-based developer definitely wants to do.

However, during his talk, Tsujimoto made a statement that hit a nerve with the hardcore gaming crowd. Something no established fighting game veteran ever wants to hear.

"We'd like to steer away from making the next game such that skilled players will win, but unskilled players will lose almost instantaneously."

Some took this as dumbing down the game, but on an even more serious note, Tsujimoto made mention that Capcom was looking into a "pay-for-advantage" system that would reward unskilled players looking to cough up cash.

Naturally, the Street Fighter community had a fit and obviously made their frustrations loud and clear, prompting series Producer Yoshinori Ono to retract the statement almost instantly.

Whew, bullet dodged on that one. Capcom had a bit of a rough time early in the last generation when it came to DLC being on the discs and similar micro-transaction options in other games. I think such a plan in Street Fighter V would be unspinnable by even the world's most snake-tongued PR team.

So with that confusion aside, what would you like to see in Street Fighter V? Street Fighter IV already did so much from perfectly balancing each character to flawless online gameplay to the drop-dead gorgeous art direction. I'm having a hard time seeing where Capcom has left to take the series other than to give it a face lift for next generation.

I'd like to see a few new characters, but not going totally overboard like the most recent expansions have done. El Fuerte, Rufus, and C. Viper were excellent additions to the classic line-up, but too many choices just gives me anxiety. That character selection screen in Ultimate Street Fighter IV just makes my head spin.