Mega Man Cartoon

Just when you thought Capcom was getting its act together to start making Mega Man fans happy again with a new cartoon and movie, it had to go ahead and reveal the character’s hip new design for the modern age. Didn’t we just go through this tango a few years ago?

Is it just me, or does this Mega Man actually look more like the bad box art Mega Mans from the North American and European NES games? He’s even got the pose down pat!

Man of Action! You guys took the wrong inspiration from those 30 years of source material! We laugh at the bad Mega Man designs because they are ironic, not because we actually like them.

This Mega Man though is not the traditional Rock character either but an entirely new being named Aki Light. He lives a life as a normal boy in Silicon City, but is secretly a robot beneath his soft, fleshy exterior. When the time comes, he’s able to transform into Mega Man and safe the day with his Mega Buster.

Series co-writer Joe Kelly is aware of the reaction to the character and took to Twitter to address fans in a series of posts.

He’s got a point, but I often find that when I’m asked to “wait for it to come out,” I feel my opinion rarely changes afterwards. The ratio is not in favor of this new Mega Man.

The new Mega Man cartoon will begin airing in 2017. At least Capcom can toss this guy to the mobile crowd and keep the traditional design for any potential Mega Man 11. That seems like an “out” here.