After a killer first quarter where Dragon's Dogma's surprising success helped Capcom pull in nearly triple the profits from the previous year, they are now starting to feel the sting of a what happens when your biggest breadbasket of the holiday season serves up a stinker.

Resident Evil 6 pulled in some impressive numbers during its launch window, becoming Capcom's most successful launch to date. But once the hardcore fans faded away and the dust began to settle, the relentless negative press surrounding the survival-horror game obviously took its toll. Capcom originally had estimated they would be shipping 7 million copies by the end of March 2013, but they have since dropped that guess to 6 million now stating that the sales have "significantly weakened."

At the same time, Monster Hunter 4 has been pushed back from its March 2013 release date until later in the summer with Capcom saying they need to "Further raise the quality of the game."

Because of these two big setbacks, Capcom has reduced its outlook on their profits by roughly 3 billion yen, trickling down from 9.8 billion to 6.5 billion yen. Their revenue outlook will also take a hit, being reduced from 105 billion to 98.3 billion yen. Capcom still is pulling in a decent amount of cash, but at what cost?

Capcom has been gearing up recently to make themselves bigger players in the global market, but to do that, they're going to have to establish a little consistency with their quality and outcomes. They are a different breed of company from a few years ago, and it's almost impossible to remember that we are only one generation removed from Capcom being the genius to develop the likes of Okami, Resident Evil 4, God Hand and Viewtiful Joe. What happened guys!?

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