Capcom has announced that it is canceling all projects currently underway at Capcom Vancouver, previously known as Blue Castle Games. The studio had taken over the Dead Rising series for Capcom, developing all titles and DLC in the series since Dead Rising 2and more recently, it ran the iOS and Android ports of Puzzle Fighter.

The cancellation of these projects is expected to set Capcom back ¥4.5 billion, or roughly $40 million USD, but the company will not be changing its forecast. It is standing strong o its original estimates, believing that, on its own, the astonishing performance of Monster Hunter World on the PC will be able to offset the financial losses.

One game, expected to offset the closure of an entire studio… That series, man, I don’t get it. I needed to try it out one day, it’s just so stupidly successful.

In the meantime, no word on the fate of the Dead Rising series, but the resurgence of Resident Evil doesn’t bode well for it if Dead Rising is to become Capcom’s “other” zombie series.