Capcom is hungry to re-establish itself as a powerhouse on the Japanese video game scene, and Tokyo Game Show 2015 is looking like a solid platform to bounce off of. Four of the games it is bringing stem from its most successful franchises, and further games hint at sub-series from those games.

The king of the bunch is Street Fighter V, which will no doubt be shown off alongside Sony to further hype their collaboration. Capcom will also have the PC version available at its own booth, and maybe it will be able to show off the cross-platform fighting. Capcom also will have a stage set up for matches and live-streaming scheduled.

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster is another big game the company will be bringing, emulating the success of its last HD remaster. Resident Evil 0 isn’t nearly as beloved as the GameCube REmake, but maybe this overhaul is what it needs to been seen on even ground. It will be for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

And finally, we have four Monster Hunter games, of course. The two largest ones are Monster Hunter X, the next official game in the series on the Nintendo 3DS, and Monster Hunter Stories, a more colorful and kid-friendly version centered more on plot than online co-op action. The other two games are Monster Hunter Diary DX and Monster Hunter Spirits… I dunno.

Noticeably absent from the list is Deep Down, Capcom’s free-to-play online action RPG akin to Dark Souls. The game has been battered with delays into vaporware status, but Capcom releases a screenshot every now and then to prove it still exists. Take from that what you will.

Looking forward to a great year from Capcom. See you on the floor!