Mega Man Battle Network

Nintendo and Konami are not the only players on the Wii U Virtual Console scene. Capcom has also announced plans to bring its Game Boy Advance line-up to the service, and it has confirmed it will be starting with a game nobody asked for, both the Blue and White versions of Mega Man Battle Network 3.

Capcom confirmed its intentions to bring the games to the Wii U in an interview with IGN, stating that Mega Man Battle Network 3 was only the beginning of its plans.

“We are working on bringing this and other GBA titles to the North American Virtual Console. We’ll have more information about the lineup in the coming months. For Australia and Europe, we are still in discussions about the release of Virtual Console titles for those markets.”

The Game Boy Advance is home to some far more impressive Capcom games than Mega Man Battle Network 3, and that includes both Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Battle Network 2. Why not just start with the first game?

The Mega Man Zero series is also worth checking out if it ever gets released, but beyond that, there is surprisingly not so many other games. Funny that I remember Capcom being more strongly represented on the Game Boy Advance, but I guess that’s just my memory playing tricks on me. Unless you want to play Onimusha Tactics again, that is.

Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap

The best Capcom game for the Game Boy Advance though is most likely going to be published by Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is one of the more underrated games in Nintendo’s beloved series, and it can definitely hang with the big boys if given a home console release. Capcom developed it after porting Link to the Past onto the Game Boy Advance, and it is one of the only games in the series which gets better each time I play it.

Again, I’m shocked that there weren’t more original games from Capcom on the Game Boy Advance and that its library is mostly made up of some quality ports like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Breath of Fire, and Aladdin. Capcom’s games could provide some decent thrills, but it would be better served bringing its extensive collection of Super Nintendo games to the Wii U instead.