Despite insisting many times in the past, fans still continue to wonder if Capcom will ever be bringing Street Fighter V to the Xbox One platform. Secret conspiracies of timed exclusivity, disclosure agreements, hush hush secrets and wink wink revelations. It’ll happen eventually, right? I mean, it has to.

Nope, says Capcom in a statement to Gamespot. This isn’t Rise of the Tomb Raider. Street Fighter V will permanently be a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive.

“The reality is that this is a real partnership. We are console exclusive for this franchise for this numbered run. The relationship with Sony does open doors for things we haven’t been able to do in the past. The relationship serves a gameplay and development purpose, and not just a marketing value.”

He nearly sounds annoyed with having to answer this question so many times over and over again.

Although I wonder what kind of benefits the gameplay will get from being a console exclusive.

Xbox owners who want to play Street Fighter will have to hold out and pray for Street Fighter VI, holding onto the phrase “this numbered run” as a sign that this partnership only includes Street Fighter V.