Is it still too early to give deep down a vaporware title? Capcom’s free-to-play randomly generated action RPG was first revealed alongside the PlayStation 4 way back in February 2013, but Capcom still hasn’t even held a beta test let alone released the full version.

Capcom had promised that the beta would be ready for the PlayStation 4’s launch in Japan back in February 2014, but that date has come and gone as well.

Now with 2015 in plain view, Capcom has issued an apology for the constant delays and promises to do everything it can to get the game released in 2015. To show progress, the official Facebook page published two screenshots from the game’s Green Dungeon. Two further screenshots have also popped up from around the Internet somewhere as well.

Sounds like Capcom is having a hard time getting this one out of the gate. Is it server issues, problems with the Panta Rhei engine, or just working out the free-to-play kinks? I remember this game was compared to Dark Souls II when it was first released, and indeed they were kind of similar when I played them at TGS 2013. However, Dark Souls II has been out for over half a year now and was one of 2014’s biggest critical successes.

deep down now has slipped into competition with Bloodborne now, and who knows which is going to come out first.