The Mega Man Legacy Collection is kind of great, no matter the platform you play it for. The original six games from the series never looked better and have never been emulated to such perfection before, and after the round of praise it got when it launched two years ago (!), it was only a matter of time before Capcom hired Digital Eclipse to make another compilation of classic games.

We don’t know what the games in this latest compilation are just yet, but Producer and Director Frank Cifaldi recently stated on The Watch podcast that his team was working on a new project for Capcom.

I shipped a collection called Mega Man Legacy Collection the year before last (it’s been a while), and we’ve got another one coming out soon that they’re gonna announce any day now. I don’t know when – I wish I could talk about it but it’s really cool.

Is it Mega Man X, or is it something else?

No doubt, fans are going to be drooling for this information over the coming weeks. The Mega Man Legacy Collection collected only the 8-bit Mega Man games into a single bundle, leaving the Super Nintendo games, Mega Man 7, Mega Man & Bass, and the first three Mega Man X games, untouched. Let’s not forget the PlayStation entries either, Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X 4-6.

It’s hard to say at this point, but my guess is that Digital Eclipse is going to stick to a single platform when looking for games to emulate, which was always its reason for releasing only NES games in the first bundle. It’ll either be all of the Super Nintendo games or an entirely different Capcom property, like the remaining NES games.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection being ported to the Switch wouldn’t be bad either, but I don’t want this to be the only news.