If you’re designing a virtual reality headset there’s one important decision you’ll have to make: straps or no straps. Then there’s Canon, which just unveiled its own take on VR with a new device that features a pair of handles for holding it up instead.

Beyond those handles, Canon’s device sports a pair of 5.5-inch Quad HD display panels. It offers a 120-degree view at all times and the image is extremely sharp and bright, according to an Engadget writer who spent some time with the new headset. The only real issue seems to be a bit of delay in the image when you move your head to look around.

The handle design itself actually sounds pretty practical. It’s not as confining as the straps used on an Oculus Rift or Gear VR, but it’s also more comfortable than Google Cardboard’s minimal design, it seems. The rest of the device looks pretty sleek too, suggesting it’s somewhat finalized and could get an official release before too long.

Unfortunately Canon hasn’t revealed any plans to launch the device or how much it might cost. For now it’s still just a prototype, though clearly the company has some big plans when it comes to virtual reality.