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Think about it; how fun is it to take a photo and have it print out right from the camera in about a minute? The Canon ivy CLIQ+ 2 is a nostalgic reminder of the famous first instant camera by Polaroid - for those of us who have had the opportunity to see and use it. But, mix in advances in the photography industry and the rise of smartphones and Apps, and you get the best of both worlds.

The camera itself offers landscape and portrait modes and allows you to choose between black and white and vivid color options as you point and shoot. Flip it into selfie mode, turn it around, and you're greeted by a ring light that illuminates your face evenly for a more pleasing photo. That's not all! In the App, you'll find tons of frames, filters, and stickers to customize your photos.

Lastly, my personal favorite part, the camera also serves as a printer. Printing 2-by-3-inch photos with adhesive backs. Through the App, you can select and print photos from your phone or your social media accounts. If this excites you as much as it does me, buy extra paper now. I used the included ten sheets of ZINK Paper in a flash – pun intended this time.

Canon Ivy Cliq2 Product

Canon ivy CLIQ+ 2

Bottom line: Perfect for scrapbookers and DIYers, take and print fun photos as easy as 1-2-3. The quality is a bit grainy and pink, but way better than I expected.

The Good

  • Fits in your pocket
  • Can customize your photos
  • Peel and stick wallet-sized prints

The Bad

  • Need to put in some work to get to a user guide
  • Takes a little getting used to
  • Picture quality is so-so

Canon ivy CLIQ+ 2: What I like

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As you may already know, I love love love the printer aspect of this camera. I now realize, I did the baby book process all wrong. Luckily, I can pull photos from my phone and social media accounts into the App and customize and print them. On a more "in-the-moment" note, I do love the idea of capturing the moment and having it print out right then and there. I thought my 4-year-old would find it fascinating; turns out her excitement quickly turned to impatience. Unlike the old days, she was able to grab her dry, ink-free, already-developed photo. Leading me to touch on this Zink Paper for a moment. Remember the days of film and darkrooms? Or am I just showing my age? As I sat there looking at the package of paper, I wondered how will I open this without exposing it. Lo and behold, this paper isn't sensitive to light; the days of developer and fixer are a fading memory.

Then you're in creativity heaven, and you should probably plan to be stuck there a while.

Taking a step back to the beginning, set up was fairly simple. Connect it via the built-in Bluetooth to your smartphone with the QR code, and the App gives you all the info you need. The App is super clean looking and doesn't bombard you with a ton of options. That is until you take a dive into all the frames, stickers, and filters. Then you're in creativity heaven, and you should probably plan to be stuck there a while. Seriously, get comfy! All the designs are very pretty and fun, and you can even make collages.

Overall, this is the perfect instant camera for scrapbookers, DIYers, parents, and even older kids. It's so compact it could fit right in your pocket or purse, and you don't have to worry about scratching the lens because it is recessed. You can even get great selfies and group photos with its ring lights and remote live view.

Canon ivy CLIQ+ 2: Where it misses the mark

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While I absolutely love the idea of this camera, it isn't for the type of picture-taker I am. In a photo-worthy moment, I like to pull out my phone and snap away. With the ivy CLIQ+ 2, you snap then wait for your print. While you can snap up to three photos while printing, it still isn't as fast as capturing moments with my smartphone. In reality, that only shows how spoiled I am by the advances in technology. In the same respect, wow, did it take me a minute to get used to the fact that I need to look through an eyepiece to take a photo and not at a digital screen.

Another area where I feel this camera misses the mark is the lack of a user guide in the box. Yes, there is a user guide and FAQ in the App; however, that's the first thing I go for, and nothing blatantly told me where to find it. I also would like a battery indicator and something that tells me how many sheets of paper are left.

Canon ivy CLIQ+ 2: Should you buy?

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Yes! This instant camera printer can take you back to simpler days yet combines the advantages of technological advances - giving you an easy, creative process to capture precious moments. While every picture-taker may not be fond of all its features, it certainly will be the center of attention from the first print. Free up some memory in your smartphone and add an extra pack of ZINK Paper to your cart, once you dive into all this camera has to offer - you'll be hooked.

Canon Ivy Cliq2 Product

Canon ivy CLIQ+ 2

Bottom line: Overall, a fun instant camera with modern technology to add even more creativity.

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