Canon-EOS-Rebel_T4i_EFS18-55_IS_II_FRONT_CLThe U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on Monday announced that Canon is recalling "around" 68,200 models of its Rebel T4i. This is not good, especially because the newest member of the Rebel lineup is so fresh, though apparently not clean.

The good news is that the recall isn't related to any mechanical issues. However, users may potentially experience an allergic reaction due to a chemical on the rubber grip. According to the CPSC, the hazard is a "chemical used in the camera's rubber grips [that] can result in a reaction that changes the grips from black to white and poses a risk of skin irritation to the consumer."

The issue first came to light last month, and even prompted Canon to issue a statement saying only T4i's manufactured between May 31 and June 15 were affected — apparently enough were affected to issue a recall. To see if your model is eligible for a rubber grip replacement, users can input their serial number here.

[via TheVerge]