Canon isn’t just catering to its enthusiast crowd, the company also has a handful of new shooters for the average consumer, too. There are a lot of options here to choose from, it depends on what kind of photographer you consider yourself to be.

Up first is the SX700 HS, which features 30x optical zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC, 16-megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, and Canon’s Intelligent IS, which chooses settings depending on the shooting conditions. With long-zoom capabilities, you’ll be able to get up close to subjects without actually being all that close, making it easier to shoot for nature photographers in particular.

Moving on down, Canon also has the adventure-ready D30, which the company claims is the deepest waterproof camera capable of shooting up to 82 feet below sea level. In addition to being resistent to the elements, the D30 is also shockproof, cold and heat resistant, and is capable of shooting Full HD video no matter why conditions you find yourself in. Equipped with a 12.1-megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, the D30 is great for action sport enthusiast or someone that needs a camera more durable than the typical point and shoot.

The SX700 is scheduled to hit stores this March in both black and red options for $349, while a blue model of the D30 is expected to hit in April for $329.

But that’s not all. Canon has also unveiled three new cameras in its ELPH family, including the ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 140 IS and ELPH 135, which are all designed to fit into the ultra-compact market.

The ELPH 150IS sports a 20-megapixel sensor and 10x optical zoom, while the ELPH 140 IS features a 16-megapixel sensor and 8x optical zoom. Both feature Intelligent IS, and will be available this February in array of colors for $149 and $129, respectively. Finally, Canon ELPH 135 will feature a 16-megapixel sensor and 8x optical zoom lens, and will be available this month in black, silver, red and purple for $119.