Canon-PowerShot-S100-FrontCanon's PowerShot S100 is pretty fantastic. But even the best gadgets on the market are susceptible to malfunctions. In this case, Canon has publicly acknowledged that certain models of its premier little point-and-shoot has been hit with a faulty lens issue. Fear not, as the company will repair afflicted models at no cost.

Apparently, S100s falling under certain serial numbers are known to be experiencing the issue, which results in a disconnected part in the lens. "The first and second digits of the camera's serial number are any number from 29 through 41," Canon said. The company also noted that folks in higher temperature and/or humid areas may be more likely to experience the issue.

It's inconvenient, sure, and takes a bit of sheen off of what is otherwise a great little compact. At least the problem has been acknowledged, and repair are being handled for free.

[via Gizmodo, Canon]