Is there any game in history that has had more demands for a sequel and a remake than Final Fantasy VII? I can't think of a single one. Fans across the world love its characters, its story, its world, and they would do just about anything for one more chance to adventure alongside Cloud Strife and his motley crew once again.

Even make their own sequel I suppose.

Footage from a canned fan-sequel called Final Fantasy VII: Time Guardian has sprung up recently from an indie developer in Japan by the name of Rodensoft. Using the original game's "Popeye-people" graphic engine, the team dug into the fundamentals of the story and rewrote the entire second and third act, post the Temple of the Ancients scene.

Rather than have Cait Sith secure the Black Materia and be reborn into a new stuffed body, he instead takes it for himself and wipes the memories of his entire team.

The party splits, and each member goes their own way across the globe no longer feeling the connection to travel with one another anymore or even remembering that the world is in peril. Of course, Sephiroth still plans on summoning Meteor to Earth, and Shinra is still slowly draining the world of its energy. The team must find a way to reunite and refocus on the task at hand, and they even have to uncover the traitorous Cait Sith.

I hate that cat!

The proposed fan-sequel was 9 CDs long, each one containing an original adventure for each cast member. Rather than the infamous direct route from town to town, Final Fantasy VII's world would open itself up for players to explore on their own terms, similar to that of a Elder Scrolls game. NPCs would have schedules, the game would sport a night and a day system.

As for the team members, they had the option of being recruited once again, or they could be completely ignored. Switching CDs and characters allowed for any of them to be controlled, and multiple parties spanning the different quests was only intended to add to the depth. Even Aeris survives since the Temple of the Ancients scene takes place before she infamously exits Final Fantasy VII's story.

It could have been something amazing, but no doubt, it was just a little too ambitious for its own good. We'll just have to sit and wonder what could have been for the rest of time because you know that Final Fantasy VII is never getting another official sequel again. Hopefully, Advent Children saw to that.