Battlestar Galactica

As part of the layoffs that hit God of War developer SCE Santa Monica Studio, sources close to the situation also reported that a game had been canceled due to the lack of staff. Fans immediately began worrying about the studio's current projects, The Order: 1886 and the rumored new God of War on the PS Vita.

However, former Lead Level Designer Jonathan Hawkins, who lost his job in the layoff, has confirmed that neither game has been affected. Reddit has collected his comments, and the game that was canceled was a new open-world sci-fi franchise. God of War III Creative Director Stig Asmussen had been working on the title for over four years, and Sony was planning to unveil it at E3 this year.

The report also says that Battlestar Galactica writer Michael Angeli had been aboard the project.

Just a reminder, The Order: 1886 is being made in collaboration with Ready At Dawn, meaning another studio is doing most of the grunt work and Santa Monica Studio's misfortune won't affect such a high profile title. The new God of War game is also only a rumor at this point.

Four years is a long time to let a game go on in development only to cancel it. Makes one wonder if the layoffs were in result of the game possibly not going in the direction that Sony had wanted, and it couldn't justify further development. Any thoughts?