Canary, a home security device currently going through crowd-funding website IndieGoGo, has raised over $1.25 million with just under two weeks to go, eclipsing its original goal of $100,000. The milestone puts the device on track to possibly become the most successful crowd-funded home product ever, which is no small feat considering the sheer amount of items that go up everyday.

According to MacRumors, the device has received pre-orders from 67 different countries, highlighting just how much attention, far and wide, this home security system is getting. When we first talked about Canary last month, readers seemed to receive it pretty well, seeing the value it could bring to a small home or apartment environment.

For a thorough refresher of what Canary can do, you can check out our writeup here. In short, Canary is an all-in-one security solution that's capable of connecting to your smartphone; the device itself comes with a number of built-in sensors, and is capable of alerting a user if something is wrong in their home, such as a fire or potential burglar.

The fact that Canary has garnered so much interest shows that people want an accessible home security device, and at $200, the company's product could very easily go mainstream. Unfortunately, deliveries aren't expected to go out until May of next year at the earliest, but hopefully that nice payday will help move things along more swiftly.