Whether you’re going on vacation or staying out late for dinner and a movie, keeping tabs on your home is essential for peace of mind. We never suspect anything will happen while we’re away, but there’s always the very real possibility. Up until now, though, solutions were either too complicated or too expensive—or maybe did too much. It’s not like we need Fort Knox level security, just something that allows us to quickly check in. And now we have it.

Designed for the average consumer, Canary is a smart home security device that takes advantage of our hyper-connected world through smart hardware and even better software. Want to see if all’s well at home base? Fire up the app on your smartphone and Canary will give you a live view of proceedings. Simple. And it’ll alert you dynamically in the event something is awry thanks to the technology included in the little device. Built with a HD camera (with night vision), Canary is capable of detecting motion with a passive infrared sensor, and it’ll even tell you if the temperature in your place is suddenly rising.

In addition, there’s a built-in speaker, RGB LEDs, 3-axis accelerometer, siren, humidity sensor and air quality sensor. With all that technology at play, Canary can send out push notifications so you can take proper action if something is indeed wrong. This really is the easiest, most convenient security option available. The company says that there’s little setup whatsoever; just plug it in and it’s good to go, giving you the option to set it up anywhere. There’s also automatic arm and disarm through geofencing, guided action plans for emergencies, backup alerts to friends and family, and customizable privacy settings.

Right now, the company is in the IndieGoGo stage, with 29 days left—nearly $1 million has been raised, obliterating the company’s $100k goal. It sounds, frankly, like a device every household should have; not only does it look great, but it promises to do a lot for just $200 (early adopter price). It won’t replace a complete home security package, but pair a few of these throughout your home, and you have a pretty solid—and smart—solution. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t expect units to start shipping until May 2014—such is the life of a crowdfunded project.