Back in 2013, Canary introduced one of the market’s best all-in-one home security devices, and in the process put up some real competition against alternatives from Dropcam (now Nest Cam). Now, the company is back with a proper follow-up, and it’s a much more versatile solution compared to Canary’s existing indoor device.

Called the Canary Flex, the new camera can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering customers a powerful solution whether they’re monitoring their living room or backyard. The nice thing about the Flex is that it can be used without wires, so an outlet doesn’t need to be readily available. According to Canary, the Flex’s rechargeable battery provides months of wire-free use, so monitoring your secluded compound is easier than ever.

Even better, there’s an optional 4G LTE mount (connected by Verizon) that will open up the possibilities of where the Flex can be used. If you’re up in the mountains and don’t get Wi-Fi, the Flex combined with the 4G LTE mount provides a good one-two punch when monitoring a small business or winter cabin.

The Flex itself is a small pill-shaped device that can be mounted pretty much anywhere. Thanks to the magnetic swivel base design, the Flex can be hooked up to a secure mount (which can attach to any wall or surface), a stake mount that blends into gardens and plants, and a twist mount, allowing users to easily mount the camera on railings, tree branches, and more.


If you own a Canary home monitoring camera system right now, know that the new Flex does come with a few drawbacks. For one, the lens isn’t quite as wide at 116-degrees (compared to 147-degrees), and the Flex also doesn’t come with environmental sensors, which means it doesn’t monitor temperature, humidity, or air quality.

Those differences aside, I’m sure consumers will find the Flex to be a worthy follow-up to a device already in homes across the world. If you are a current Canary owner, the Flex will make for a perfect companion (but it’s also perfect to stand on its own).

As part of the Flex’s announcement today, Canary also said it’s changing up how it handles membership plans. Before, there were three different paid options, along with a free tier that offered 12 hours of video history, 3 video downloads, and 5 video bookmarks.

Going forward, a $9.99/month service for a single device will offer 30-days of recorded video history, unlimited storage, and unlimited video downloads, plus a number of different benefits. As part of the package, Canary will reimburse up to $1,000 of a user’s insurance deductible for qualifying incidents, provide Canary users with a dedicated incident support agent, and extend the warranty to two years from its original purchase date.

With the Flex launching and the original device on the market, Canary is really making an effort to try and create an entire top-to-bottom system that anybody can use. Just plug in the device, pair it with Canary’s smartphone app, and you’re good to go.

The Flex is available for pre-order starting today for $199, with shipments expected in time for the holiday season. The different accessories will range from $19 to $29, while the 4G LTE mount hasn’t yet been priced.