As consumer technology continues to spring forward, businesses are looking for ways to appeal to customers' modern needs. Case in point, the Opus hotel has done away with traditional in-room phones and replaced them with iPhones. While this may not sound too beneficial to locals, this trendy decision has the potential to be a great help to international travelers staying at the hotel, which is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Hotel guests have the option of using the iPhone to place complementary local calls, as well as using the device when out and about. The iPhone also comes pre-loaded with hotel contact lists that help guests keep in touch with the front desk, room service and housekeeping. For those of you who are worried about having your personal information saved on a publicly used phone, worry not! As a security precaution all of the hotel's iPhones are wiped clean once a guest has checked out.

"Technology is a way of life today, not just a perk, and that holds true even while traveling," Nicholas Gandossi, Opus Vancouver's general manager told USA Today. This concept seems to especially hold true at the Opus, which was Canada's first hotel to offer an iPad 2 equipped with a virtual concierge in every room.

Whether you have plans of traveling to the Vancouver area for business or pleasure, TripAdvisor members rate the Opus as one of the trendiest hotels in Canada, and Condé Nast Travelerʼs recognize it as one of the best Hotels in the World and Best in Business Travel. If you plan on staying at the Opus, we suggest that you book your room as early in advance as possible.

[via: USA Today]