While the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge was April 10, many carriers around the world have had to wait for it. Canada’s Fido and Virgin Mobile were two of them, but both are selling the devices right now.

If you want the regular Galaxy S6 with 32GB of storage, you’ll need to pay C$250 (approx. $204) upfront when you take out a two-year Max contract, C$450 (approx. $368) on a two-year Smart plan, or C$550 (approx. $449) on a standard two-year contract.

Alternatively, you can buy the handset outright for C$750 (approx. $613). Prices increase by C$90 (approx. $74) for the 64GB model, and by C$180 (approx. $147) for the 128GB model.

If you want a 32GB S6 Edge on Fido — which is the only model the carrier is currently offering — you’ll pay C$350 (approx. $286) with a two-year Max plan, C$550 (approx. $449) on a two-year Smart plan, and $650 (approx. $531) on a standard two-year plan.

Prefer Virgin Mobile? You’ll only get 32GB handsets initially, and prices start at C$249.99 (approx. $204) on a two-year Platinum plan for the Galaxy S6, and C$349.99 (approx. $286) for the S6 Edge.

If you choose Virgin’s month-to-month plan — which doesn’t tie you into a contract — then you’ll pay C$729.99 (approx. $596) and C$829.99 (approx. $678) respectively.