Amazon prime canada

This is a big day for our neighbors to the north, as Amazon has finally launched its Amazon Prime service in Canada. Now all that two-day shipping goodness is finally available for millions of eligible products to most Canadian cities for just $79 per year plus tax.

A couple of things to note about this: Amazon is offering a one-month free trial to prompt enrollment (yay!), but the promotion doesn't extend to shoppers in Quebec (boo!). Also, just like the U.S. service, there is no shopping minimum for expedited shipping (yay!). But unlike their American counterparts, Canadian customers won't get perks like the Kindle ebook lending library and free Instant Video streaming (boo!).

Though predictable, that last one is bound to disappoint a lot of potential new customers. Unfortunately, Amazon would have to renegotiate a ton of content to make its streaming inventory available across the border. And, says Steve Oliver of, this just isn't in the cards.