Best answer: Yes you can. When it opens, beginning March 8, it'll also be available in IMAX in theaters that support the large format screens.

Watch in IMAX: Captain Marvel ($19)

IMAX is the biggest and best way to watch Captain Marvel

Marvel movies are always huge spectacles. To capture the grandiose nature of their impressive action set pieces, they use IMAX cameras. Captain Marvel follows suit being available in the big, beautiful screens of IMAX theaters see those impressive scenes. This will deliver the movie in a whole new way.

You'll get 26% more of the picture along with a more immersive audio system. It is the complete experience that shows Captain Marvel beating down the evil Skrulls alongside a much younger Nick Fury in the nostalgic 90's setting.

Captain Marvel review: Everything old is still old, but fun

The first woman MCU movie

Captain Marvel marks a watershed moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For as successful as it has been, it took 22 movies for one to be led by a female protagonist. Better late than never.

With the trail blazed by Captain Marvel, the MCU will look to add more movies led by female characters, beginning with the standalone Black Widow movie that will come out in the next couple years. Look for other characters to also get consideration for their own movie.

Captain Marvel in IMAX

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A new, diverse MCU superhero

Captain Marvel is like every other MCU movie: A soulful and entertaining movie that develops the overarching MCU arc that is next taking to Avengers: Endgame. It's a big movie that deserves a big screen.

Go big or go home

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