ThinkGeek is one of the most recognized sources for geeky gizmos, eccentricities and goofiness on the webs today. But if you have the stuff to come up with a creative new product idea, you could get paid for your trouble.

The idea is simple: You dream it up, they build it and everyone wins, thanks to the site’s new IdeaFactory program. Of course, it doesn’t happen all at once — you need to submit your concept plus sketches/images, and there’s a 60-day evaluation period. But if ThinkGeek likes your clever/crazy/cool nerd-themed idea and wants to build it, the company will pay you $1,000 (plus 10% retail sales). And once it’s manufactured, you can sell the items on your own website or at live events.

So if you’ve got the stuff to top one-can desktop refrigerators, light saber flashlights or drum kit t-shirts, go ahead and send in your pitch.

Note: Yes, they make TARDIS cookie jars and actual Harry Potter Marauder’s Maps, but don’t fall into the merchandising trap. Licensing can be tricky, so the company has restricted those concepts from the IdeaFactory.

(via USA Today, ThinkGeek IdeaFactory)