I finally am taking huge chunks out of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and it is nothing short of an absolute blast. It's the kind of game I could play until the end of time and remain fully satisfied until the last demon falls. While you can expect my full thoughts in the coming week, I have one thing I want to bring up quickly: Persona Q's absolutely rockin' soundtrack.

Of course, I am one of those weirdos who thinks Katamari Damacy's outlandishly flamboyant music was nothing short of a revelation. Stringing together genres of music that have no business being together and making it work through the context of the game's insanity was no small feat, but needless to say, I have weird taste. I picked this masterpiece over Martin O'Donnell's excellent work with Halo 2, and I really can't think of too many soundtracks since that have been as truly memorable.

Well, except for the other Persona games that is.

Well, once again, Martin O'Donnell has another amazing soundtrack making the rounds with Destiny, and once again, he might find himself on the short end of the stick as another quirky oddball from Japan rewrites the rules of great video game music. Persona Q's soundtrack is the best in years, and it does so by giving a bloody lip to all of the known establishments, nonsensical lyrics and all.

Below is the intro theme to the game. It set a pretty high standard right off the bat, so high in fact that I didn't think any song in the rest of the game would be able to rise to the occasion.

And then I started my first random battle in the Labyrinth's dungeon, and I heard the wonderful track you can find at the top of this page. "Light The Fire Up In The Night" as it is titled is quickly finding itself as one of my all time favorite video game tracks. Mega Man 2's "Wily 1," Soul Blade's "The Edge of the Soul," Saga Frontier's "Sunset Town," Wild ARMs' "Into the Wilderness," and now Persona Q's "Light The Fire Up In The Night."

It finds itself in rare company, and the best part about it is I get to hear this wonderful ditty every time I jump into battle, making the grind that much more rewarding, all thanks to the power of music. It also rewrites the rules of video game progression, because right now, my greatest reward for diving deeper into the dungeon is new tunes to rock out to. Can't wait to see what lies beneath for my ears.

I found the hour long loop and have been playing it all day long. It makes a nice alternative soundtrack to Dragon Age Inquisition's general lack of music while tearing between the open countryside's waypoints, and all I can imagine anymore is wondering how other games might look with this playing in the background.

Yes, I am going a little crazy with the review season finally coming to a close. Dare I say, "going gorillas, bananas?"