Delayed, delayed, delayed, that’s what we have heard three times now in relation to the white iPhone 4. Apple now says spring, but I have my doubts. As has been reported by many news outlets the issue is now light leak affecting the camera and flash function. Last time is was supposedly color matching, let’s face it we many never get the whole story as to why the white iPhone 4 has been “DELAYED” and frankly we may never even see it released. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple scrap the whole white project and just reintroduce white in the next version, probably manufactured out of something other than glass.

iphone_4_white_edition_facetime_video_calling_13558_21My big question is, whats the big deal? Why deprive yourself the joy of using the iPhone 4 simply because of the color or lack thereof?  Let’s face it, most users implement some sort of case or skin making the color of the phone, largely irrelevant.  I have used a white skin from SGP for the back of my iPhone and people would stop and ask where I got a white handset. When using skins you can make the phone whatever color you want, white, pink, purple, tie dye, whatever.  These skins have become very inexpensive and quite affordable so when you get tired of one color, simply choose another.

I have even seen people go to the expense and extreme of sending their phones into a third party repair service, having them swap out the black components with white, aftermarket components.  The cost to have your phone converted from black to white? $249, are you kidding me? One of the biggest benefits of owning an iPhone is that if there is EVER an issue, simply bring it into an Apple Store and more often than not they just swap it out for a new one. Not if it has been converted to white. If you have any issue with your phone operating properly you must convert it back to black before taking it into the Apple Store, and who knows how much any company will charge you for that service.

This obsession with the white iPhone just boggles my mind, not surprising since I am very happy with my black version.  It just doesn’t make sense to me to worry yourself about the color or go through the expense(more than the cost of the 16GB model itself)to convert your phone to white.  Can we just bury the idea of the white iPhone?  Can we just stop obsessing about white? I am so tired of hearing about it. If I could get my hands on a white iPhone 4 I may just bury it in my backyard and not let anyone know about it. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this subject.