Over the past few years e-books have started to pick up steam. E-books can be read on your tablet, on e-readers, your home computer and even your mobile phone. You can write digital notes in the margins of books to read later, and bookmark a title on one device only to pick up reading where you left off on another.

While e-books may have started off as just for casual reading on vacation, more and more titles are becoming available in digital form -including several textbooks. This school year, Amazon is even offering textbook rentals, where students can opt to “borrow” a digital copy of a book for a specified period of time rather than shell out the dollars for the full version of the book for class.

On the surface the idea seems pretty great. Carrying around an iPad with all your books for class on it seems like a breeze as opposed to toting around seven or eight gigantic books everyday. So, are e-textbooks as great as they sound?

Most of us here at TechnoBuffalo have been out of the textbook game for a while, so we thought we would check in with our student-age readers and find out what you guys think. Are textbooks ready to be replaced by e-readers? Cast your vote, and tell us about your own digital book experiences in the comments below!