Timesplitters fans not wanting to see the end of their time-jumping FPS series have taken to the internet to prove public interest after Cryek CEO Cevat Yerli commented he was unsure about the series having relevancy anymore.

In response, a Facebook group seeking 100,000 members is dedicated to proving otherwise, making it the latest online protest decrying withheld games to garner significant attention.

The Timesplitters trilogy enjoyed moderate success back in the previous generation. The original stood out as one of the strongest launch titles on the PlayStation 2, and Timesplitters 2 was labeled by fans and critics on release as the "spiritual successor" to GoldenEye, sharing similar mission structures and development staff.

Unfortunately, the series was unable to keep up with the realism trend in military shooters, and eventually faded behind the likes of Halo and Call of Duty. Developer Free Radical Design's dreadful stab at a military shooter, Haze, didn't help the prognosis either once the game's failure sent them into free fall. Crytek preserved a fraction of the studio's staff as Crytek UK after a buyout, and the studio had been working on Timesplitters 4 until its abrupt cancellation back in August 2009.

Cevat Yerli is practically asking for this campaign to convince investors, stating he himself is a fan and would like to see it happen. Timesplitters would make an entertaining free-to-play experience, Crytek's planned business future, and Timesplitters 4 desperately needs a new focus after so many years in limbo. The campaign currently tallies at roughly 15,000 "Likes" and can be found here.

[via VG247]