iPod Nano camera

Rumors that the 7th generation iPod Nano will be receiving a camera picked up a bit more steam today as new photos of a prototype surfaced on a Taiwanese Apple site.

The first hint that the next iPod Nano would have a camera surfaced last April, and this was then followed up in May when a more finished version showed up in photos.  Both times those images came from a Taiwanese Apple news site called Apple.pro, and now they’re back with even more evidence of what looks to be a more completed model.

It appears that the Nano would keep its same overall design it has had for the past two years, but with the camera now protruding from the back so it is not flush with the music player itself.  Many people wondered how this would potentially work with the clip, but we can now see the metal flap will have a hole cut in it that makes the camera lens flush with that portion.

iPod Nano camera

Seeing that this design originally popped up before last September’s iPod refresh event – where the Nano only received a price drop and no new features – it is unclear if this design is still in play or not. While these images are indeed fresh, this could also be a scrapped prototype for all we know at this point.  Seeing as there has been a progression in the photo evidence, however, this does strike us as something that may still be in active development.

This wouldn’t be the first time the iPod Nano brand has featured a camera as the last form factor had a video camera in it before the device took on a whole new form factor in 2010.  If people would want a camera on some thing this small remains to be seen, and the camera sticking out of the back in the way it does in these photos seems very un-Apple like in our opinion.  Besides, how would still be able to put this in a watch band and wear it?

We’ll be keeping an eye on this to see if more develops, but would you want an iPod Nano with a (what is believed to be) a 1.3 megapixel camera?

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