There have got to be plenty of iPhone users out there who find the standard camera shutter button to be a bit a nuisance.  It makes for shaky and unstable pictures that could easily be remedied if Apple allowed one of their four buttons to control the camera’s shutter.  Of course the sleep/wake and home button would cause a few problems but why not the volume buttons?  Camera+ has a sneaky workaround but let’s keep it quiet.

Originally the Camera+ developers submitted their application to Apple, openly tying the shutter to the volume up button.  Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, Applecamplus rejected the app because it uses the iPhone volume buttons in a non-standard way, potentially resulting in user confusion.  After all, if you open the iPod app after using Camera+ you’d be stupid to think the volume button no longer controls the camera.  User confusion at its greatest!

Back to the subject at hand.  If you’re looking for a camera app that’ll allow you to use the iPhone’s volume up button as a means to snap a picture, you better head over to the App Store and pick up Camera+.  Once you do, here’s how to turn your volume up button into the shutter control:

Once Camera+ is installed, open Safari and type camplus://enablevolumesnap into the address bar.  It’ll launch Camera+ with the volume up button as your new shutter control.  Every time you open Camera+ in the future, the control will remain.  If you want to revert back, open Safari and type camplus://disablevolumesnap.  Your changes will remain until you execute one of the two commands above.

It’s always possible for Apple to step in and demand an update to the Camera+ app for this hidden feature so if you’re worried, you better get it now.  Camera+ is $1.99 in the App Store.  Don’t be fooled by similarly named apps, it’s “Camera+” you’re after.

[Via TUAW]