While there’s no camera hardware built into our fresh iPads, Yusuke Sekikawa has developed an iPad application that allows it to use an iPhone’s camera to take snapshots of whatever you’re staring down. The only thing standing between a video conferencing app for the iPad is time.

If you own and iPhone and iPad and you’ve got a buck to throw down, try downloading a free app called Camera B onto your iPhone and Camera A onto your iPad.  Launch the apps and the two will connected your devices via Bluetooth, displaying what your iPhone would see on your iPad.  You can take a snapshot using your iPad.  Sure it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and the limited use case doesn’t bode well for its non-free price target, but the idea alone could bring a fix to anyone desperate for video chat.


Using the same techniques, a future application that relies on the iPhone’s camera to feed video to the iPad or to the opposite user is likely to happen.  The iPhone is currently capable of streaming video to sites like Qik or Ustream so there’s no reason the iPad couldn’t serve as the screen that displays your video chat partner.  The only problem then comes from handling two devices simultaneously.  Sure it’ll be clunky and awkward, but if you can’t live without video chat on the iPad you’ll be stuck for a camera attachment…or version 2.

Do you think we’ll see a workaround to Apple’s denial of video chat capabilities?  Is the fact that we even need a workaround ridiculous?  Let us know in the comments.