Call of Duty is notorious for attracting an angry tween fan base; chances are you've had an unfortunate interaction while playing in an online match. The last thing these gamers want, other than to see sunshine, is to have their precious kill streak interrupted, which makes this joke particularly effective. Like the "Xbox Sign Out" video, this trick takes full advantage of the Xbox One's always-listening capabilities. The results, as you'd imagine, are hilarious.

Similar to the previous gag, a Call of Duty player set his gamertag to "Xbox Bing," which is actually a command that takes players completely out of the game, thus leaving them vulnerable. Many users say the name out of curiosity—Xbox Bing?—which often leads to funny and infuriated reactions. You'd think people would have learned by now not to shout out Xbox and follow that up with a command.

What makes the trick especially enjoyable is that the player using the Xbox Bing gamertag pesters his own teammates during matches until they're almost forced to utter the name. This is certainly a case of Microsoft's technology backfiring for gamers, but it sure makes for good YouTube fodder. If only to hear thousands of poor victims shouting, "Stop Listening!"

Some of the reactions feature some NSFW language, so if you're sensitive to naughty words, then you might want to turn the volume down.