Call of Duty WWII is set to be officially revealed this coming Wednesday, April 26, but as is usual per course, most of the information has already leaked. Advertising materials suggest that the game will come out on Nov. 3.

Nov. 3 is a Friday, which is typical of the Call of Duty series. The advertisement also reveals availability on the Xbox One, a beta-test for those who pre-order, and a co-op mode that “unleashes a new and original story.” The co-op mode will be a “standalone game experience,” meaning it will be original content like the previous games’ zombie modes and not a simple co-op version of the main campaign.

Full reveal is coming this Wednesday

Officially, all we have is a setting and a title. All of this other information is potentially moot until Activision reveals more. That being said, this information all sounds legit and will probably be confirmed during the live presentation.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare didn’t hit the mark last year, and Battlefield 1, which took place in the past way back in World War I, was clearly the frontrunner in the rivalry throughout 2016. Now that Activision has caught on to this fascination with history, we can see if the fans will flock back to the series.