Activision and Sledgehammer Games are teasing the reveal of the next Call of Duty, set for this Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Central time. The header on the site reads “Get ready for a New Era of Call of Duty.”

Dotted around the page are small white squares, each a link to another page. One leads to the Wikipedia entry on Private Military Companies. Another leads to New York Timeslisting of articles about PMCs. The third leads to a Business Insider article on the topic. Finally, the fourth leads to the video above, a short piece on PMCs by VICE magazine, sponsored by Activision.

The video asks what happens when these companies we’ve employed in our wars get a better offer and turn on us, and that’s what it sounds like this new Call of Duty will be about. Rather than going after terrorists or Russians, we’ll be going after whatever equivalent for companies like Blackwater the team at Sledgehammer has come with.

GameInformer announced today that the game, set for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will also grace the cover of next month’s magazine, supplying the first proper screenshot.