Following the beta weekends, players accused Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare of being a pay-to-win experience.

It boils down to this. The best weapons with low stat penalties come from supply drops. Rare drops, specifically. They’re hard to get, but they can be purchased with salvage. Salvage is the in-game currency that’s earned through play. It takes a really long time to get enough to salvage to score quality weapons from rare supply drops.

This scarcity of currency, as discussed in the video from YouTuber Drift0r, pushes players to spend real money for salvage. That real money will translate into genuinely better weapons, thus creating the pay-to-win dynamic.

Infinity Ward responded to these complaints.

We received a note from an Activision rep over the weekend. That note pointed us to a Reddit thread written by Infinity Ward. It features some things they’ve changed following the beta. Here’s the part about the economy.


  • Increased salvage gain in mission teams.
  • Changed currency value in supply drops.
  • Increased drop rate of keys in round-based modes.

There’s a whole lot more in that thread worth reading if the beta for Infinite Warfare put you off.

The really nuts bit? People complained about the rate salvage was earned in the beta. The beta featured faster-earned salvage than the final game. So, while the rate for earning salvage has been increased in some ways, I wonder if it will help. It should, right? Still crazy to consider.

Hopefully, Infinite Ward works to get away from the pay-to-win image that’s developing. I highly doubt the developer wants that reputation, and this was more than likely a result of two systems working together and producing unwanted results.

We’ll see.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hits on November 4, 2016.