Call of Duty EliteActivision has started sending out the first invites to the beta rollout of the Call of Duty Elite service that will launch this fall alongside Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.  There is no word on just how many people got these coveted invites thus far, but the game publisher is promising that this won't be the only batch to be going out before it goes live to the public.

Also this week, a video was released that finally explains in specifics what you can expect from the service.  It still isn't clear what the free users will have access to, but it definitely sounds like the pay option will be the way to go if you're a hardcore Call of Duty player.  While people aren't thrilled about paying for add-ons to games, the fact this will also give you the inevitable multiplayer map packs definitely softens the blow to the wallet a bit.  And if you're just a casual player, it sounds like not having the premium version won't impact your enjoyment of the game at all.

One still has to wonder when and how video game releases became just a platform to sell you more content down the road.  There was a time that a game was a game, and that was it.  Now when you drop your $60 or so dollars you're getting what feels like part of a game, but they'll be happy to sell you the remainder in a month or two.

What do you think?  Are you excited for Call of Duty Elite?