Activision just sent around an email pointing us towards a new trailer and commentary piece for Call of Duty Elite. This time, they're specifically dealing with what Elite has to offer players that are looking to use the service specifically as a means of getting better at Call of Duty.

Once Modern Warfare 3 drops on November 8th, players will be able to use Elite in order to get an in-depth look at their own statistics, map breakdowns, strategies, tips and tactical guides for a variety of combat situations.

What we don't undertand, however, is how Activision is marketing this for anyone that isn't already a diehard Call of Duty player. We're talking about the type of gamer that picks these games up and does nothing with their console or PC but play them. For those folks, Elite seems like an okay investment at $49.99 for pre-order.

For everyone else? We're just not seeing the need to pick it up.

Where do you stand on Call of Duty Elite?

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